Maintenance and administration of your IT infrastructure

Consulting and education on digital topics

Website development and content maintenance

Concept and development of software based on your requirements

There are many webdesign agencies and IT service providers - but I think my services are different. Why?

You as the customer are always in the focus of my services. I lead you the whole way through your projects from start to finish and I am always your main contact. If you need additional support after your project is finished, I can provide you with custom service contracts for long-lasting success.

What platforms and tools am I using?

Below you can find a selection of products I am suggesting to my customers. I have already used those tools successfully in the past and can suggest them to you without any doubt.

Are you looking for a reliable platform for your communication? For several years now, I have been recommending Microsoft 365 to my customers for everything related to email, calendar, contacts and video conferencing. I would be happy to support you in designing and setting up your MS 365 organization.

At the start of a project, it is often not yet foreseeable how many resources will be needed in the course of the project. That's why, with Hetzner's cloud solution, I rely on a flexible and comprehensive solution for the rapid provision of servers to suit your requirements. There are also many professional features such as daily backups, external storage and load balancers.

The server operating system of my choice is Ubuntu Server. The combination of open source software from the Debian project and the commercial support of Cannonical offers a unique stability and at the same time easy maintainability. In combination with Cannonical Landscape for remote maintenance, this creates a very low-maintenance and well-automated infrastructure.

Modern websites are no longer hand-written HTML pages, but a complex construct of HTML, CSS, Javascript and server-side processing. This is where a powerful content management system like WordPress comes into play, with which even extensive pages can be managed easily and performantly. For sophisticated projects as well as for fast landing pages or single-page applications, there are the right tools here.

To manage a dedicated web hosting server, I use the free tool KeyHelp, which was developed by a commercial provider. Here all needs around the web can be covered, so that even you as a customer can independently create new email addresses or databases, if you want to. Continuous updates ensure a secure operation of your server.

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